A Thoughtful Gift In Honour Of William

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When William Mullowney passed away, his family wanted to do something special for the Palliative Care Unit in his honour. 

 After his wife, Mary and her daughter Cherie reached out to us, the palliative care manager - Michelle Murphy, knew exactly what the unit needed. 

 In honour of William, his family and friends completely funded a brand new, state-of-the-art wheelchair, exclusively for patients in Palliative Care. This chair is, “the Cadillac of wheelchairs,” unit manager Michelle told us and will enable patients to move more freely within and outside of the unit. It also includes a special space to hold an oxygen tank for any patients who require it. 

 Thank you to Mary, Cherie and all of William’s family and friends who, in lieu of birthday gifts for him, fully funded this much needed equipment for patients who want some independence in such a delicate time. 

About Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation

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